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So effective, you need only apply it every 3rd day!

Pimples cramping your style?
  • This easy spreading Pimple gel with no greasy after feel, is formulated especially with you the user in mind!
  • No after application tell tale signs, gives you piece of mind to your clear complexion secrets!
    Apply it and even your best friend will not know!
  • Even the flat slim line container, with quick one finger flip top dispenser, was carefully chosen to ensure discrete stowage in your pocket or bag!
  • Pimple Defence is only applied every 3rd day, staying active for 72 hours. Less application means less hassle, Plus saving you time and money!
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    Easy every 3 day application takes away the hassle of tending to your skin every day!

        Pimple Defence contains natural herbal ingredients to flush and cleanse Pimple and Blackhead inclined skin.

    The secret to Pimple Defence is the slow release formulation, including natural Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) which kills pimple producing bacteria. Sandalwood extracts and Allantoin soothe and smooth the complexion while Uva Ursi controls excess oiliness.
  • Reduces Pimples
    Pimple Defence kills bacteria which produces pimples, reducing the onset of inflamed pimple

  • Reduces Blackhead formation
    Pimple Defence flushes and cleanses skin pores removing of impurities which normally lead to the formation of Blackheads

  • Controls Excess Sebum (Skin oiliness)
    In the presence of Pimple inclined skin, there is generally an overproduction of Sebum, which propagates the onset of Pimples and Blackhead formation.
    Pimple Defence effectively controls excess skin oiliness

  • Reduces Acne Scarring
    Around inflamed skin there is delicate soft tissue. Normal antiseptic agents in fighting bacteria, tend to destroy this soft tissue which increases scarring.
    Pimple Defence will not destroy this soft tissue, thus reducing the incidence of scarring!

       All Natural Formula
           Tea Tree Oil - Sandalwood - Bearberry - Allantoin
    Apply it on Friday and you are covered for the whole weekend!

    If you are looking for Acne information - The most comprehensive information on Acne Medicine by a certified dermatologist

    Pimple Defence is an Avre Skin Care brand.

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    Pimple Defence stops pimples acne and blackheads in their traxks